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Ronald Smith Jr. (born May 3, 1986) known professionally as Koder Brown, is an American record producer, songwriter, composer, arranger, and film and television producer. His career spans 16 years, with 5 mixtapes, 2 billboard singles, 6 film theme scores, and 19 Jingles in 2023.Brown came to prominence in the 2000s as a hiphop artist and conductor before working on jingles and film scores. As a rapper, Brown composed or co-composed a number of collaboration projects in 2006 with Lee Johnson including “Family Ent. Vol. 1” and “Family Ent Vol 2.” which sold over 50,000 units in stores. “Give Me My Respect”, released in 2008, Brown’s solo debut all of which sold 125,000 cd’s in the United States, as well as Canada. He moved easily between genres, producing rhythm and blues records for “Behind The Scenes” an exclusive project in 2012 which sold 20,000 cd’s as a limited edition. Serving as an arranger and conductor for several collaborations between the hiphop artists and pop acts, Brown transitioned into the world of sound in 2015, focusing on audio engineering and composing for televison and film. In 2017, Brown opened a premier recording studio facility with partner Paul Beebe in Midtown, Houston, TX, a block away from Houston Community College. Jingles and film scoring became the driving force of service which companies and directors were able to physically experience Brown’s audio production. Brown was also coined “The Jingler” in 2019 for his long line of work with start-up companies, franchises and major corporations globally. As of date Brown has executive produced, written and composed to the most successful corporations by far in such a short span from music’s top 100 billboard, to commercials, and movies. 2021, As a record producer, he began to renovate the film and television market incorportated with his own siginature sound, Brown orchestrates behind the scenes with the top indie artist and major label Pop stars. Awarded by the City Council Of Houston, He is known for carefully directing the public image, dress, manners, and sound of top teir projects. Accurately taking music acts and companines to a higher business status, his success in the early 20th Century allows him to dominate music, tv and film. In 2023, Brown is currently Executive Studio Coordinator at Hit Vault Studios, located in Spring, TX and Music Director for Eugot Entertainment, a filming company based in Houston, Texas.


Drug war veteran music, is Hip Hop meets Rock and Blues. Pablo Bell and Pinche Juan C. started the group in Houston TX. after they meet and Pinche Juan C. freestyled over his guitar play. The rest is history. Thier debut album Disciple of Love has five singles on it and is becoming an instant classic! New albums coming soon!