In 1979 Houston TX was a boom town fantasy city, but also the murder Capital of America Colombian cocaine cowboys made Houston TX a murder land five mexican american detectives where tasked with stopping this epidemic of drug violence and missing children based on a true story




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Juan C Vazquez is considered the king of independent film, because Juan writes, directs, produces and acts in all his films at an extraodinary level.

Project Titles

Trap Plane season 2, Northside The Series, The Squad 3, Sponsors the series season 2, Food Truck Killer, Summer Loving, The Come Up

film festivals

Winner Los Angeles CineFest, 2016 NYC Web Fest Best Drama, 2017 Official Selection 2017 Miami Independent Filt Festival

film offering

All eUgot films are walked into Netflix, Hulu and all major platforms

Juan C. Vazquez

Im a Producer, writer, director, and Actor. I’ve now now done all the these different roles on five different filt projects. I also edit most of my films, thats why they call me El Rey de Indie Films. It all started on my first filtm Through The Valley with Danny Trejo. We had an actor not pulling his weight in the readings and had two weeks before we started filiming. The actors recommended I play the role. I shaved my head, and became the character and the rest is History.

Success in this industry is really about longevity and being able to make the kind of projects you want. I sacrificed a lot for this, but I would do it all over again. I knew this is what I wanted. So ive had to invest and reinvest so much time into these films. Now I own five film franchises. Its up to me where I take them. The hard work and notoriety has gotten me signed with a bigger agent to take my new projects to the next level. The Squad Rise of the Chicano Squad Movie is going to get a lot of attention with it being a true story, and all the people involved in it. I also feel its my best work so far.