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eUgot Films and eUgot Music is dedicated to innovation and creativity for independent artists that want their creative control. 


Juan C Vazquez is considered the king of independent film, because Juan writes, directs, produces and acts in all his films at an extraodinary level.

Project Titles

Trap Plane season 2, Northside The Series, The Squad 3, Sponsors the series season 2, Food Truck Killer, Summer Loving, The Come Up

film festivals

Winner Los Angeles CineFest, 2016 NYC Web Fest Best Drama, 2017 Official Selection 2017 Miami Independent Filt Festival

film offering

All eUgot films are walked into Netflix, Hulu and all major platforms

Juan C. Vazquez

Juan C. Vazquez is an award-winning Filmmaker, who was born in Milwaukee WI, but lives in Houston TX, since 2004. Juan’s Mother, and Grandmother were both born in Texas. Juan C. Vazquez Graduated from The University of Wisconsin Madison with degree in History, and a certificate in Chicano Studies. Juan has 5 film projects completed that he has written, directed, and produced. Juan got into films because of his love for films, and storytelling. Juan broke into the industry in 2009 by directing Danny Trejo in Through The Valley, which went on to become a cult classic. Juan C. Vazquez brands himself as the King of Indie film because he writes, directs, edits, produces, and acts in all of his Films. All five of his film projects have been made outside of the Hollywood system, so he retains full creative control on the actors and crew he chooses. Juan is currently working on his sixth film project Northside.


Through The Valley stars Pablo Bracho, and Danny Trejo. Historically is the First Mexican American (Chicano) made in Houston TX. First Latino film from Texas on Netflix. Now on Amazon video.


In 2016 Juan broke the internet with Trap Plane the series, which won best drama at NYC Webfest. Beat out over 2500 films worldwide. Now on Amazon Video


Sponsors the series, On Amazon Video. A Top watched series on Amazon prime 2020. Staring Delila Cotto from Empire and JT Campos from Queen of the South


The Squad The Rise of The Chicano Squad. TBA


The Squad 2 The Murder Book Serial killer. TBA


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